Millennials in the workplace

Aug 6, 2018 | Latest News

Udemy have recently produced a brand-spanking new report on millennials in the workplace and how they’re coping with their workplaces, what motivates them and what provides happiness.

Younger generations usually get a tough time from their older colleagues, sometimes it’s seen as a right of passage, but with terms like “snowflake” bandied about it’s easier to see why the youngsters may have some gripes. In late 2017, The Telegraph released a pretty damning piece by Tanith Carey, insinuating that Generation Y are happier sitting at home tweeting rather than grafting in the workplace.

Entrepreneur went one step further and even listed out the “7 Bad Workplace Habits Millennials Need to Stop Making.” a detailed list put together by their disgruntled older colleagues, again painting the younger generation in a not particularly positive light. 

With this latest report though there may well be light at the end of the tunnel for millennials and the bad press they get.

Research by Udemy shows that millennials are a loyal workforce with nearly 60% of them working for their current company for more than three years and that they have ambitions to stay at companies for a lifetime rather than jumping ship from job to job, looking for immediate success.  


This helpful info-graphic that Udemy have put together can show you the main points raised following the research and report. 

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