EndeavourUK now offers training in Process Serving

Jun 16, 2016 | Help & Advice, Latest News

Process serving is the service of legal documents on individuals or companies. These documents are usually served on behalf of solicitors. It is the bread and butter work for many private investigators. It can be very important as it often leads to further instructions related to the documents you are serving. Process serving is vital to any private investigators business but especially those who are looking to grow their businesses.

Because your are delivering court documents there is a lot of legal language. It can be very confusing for the novice process server. What are N39’s, N215’s, affidavits? What are certificates, petitions, injunctions, and sealed orders? The list can seem never ending and getting it wrong can be a disaster. Not only for the case and the solicitor you are working for but it could do damage to your business reputation.

We have linked with Bluemoon Investigations Group Ltd to deliver a 2 day course which will help you avoid these mistakes!

Click here to see full course details

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