HS07 – Banksman / Traffic Marshal Training

Workplace transport is used in a great variety of situations but sadly remains the second biggest cause of fatal injury in the workplace.

Workplace transport is one of the most “multi-factoral” risk control issues duty holders have to cope with. Adequately controlling the risks, especially the vehicle movement risks, depends on duty-holders establishing and sustaining control over a wide range of matters.
A banksman should be used where necessary, both to keep the reversing area free of pedestrians and to guide drivers.

Course Description

This workshop teaches learners the health & safety knowledge and the hand signals needed to be a Banksman/traffic marshal.

What is a Banksman?

A Banksman is an operative trained to direct vehicle movement on or around site. They are often called Traffic Marshals.

Duties of a Banksman:

  • Directs site traffic on a construction site.
  • Understand the risks involved with directing off highway traffic and be able to carry out the role of vehicle banksman with confidence
  • Use a clear, agreed system of signalling
  • Be visible to drivers at all times.
  • Stand in a safe position, from which to guide the reversing vehicle without being in its way.
  • Wear high visibility clothing (PPE), and ensure that signals are clearly seen.
What is covered on this course?

Learners will gain knowledge in health & safety as well as the recognised hand signals used by Banksmen/traffic marshals.

All learners will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course Information

This workshop is a half-day course (4 hours).

The course will start at 9.30 am

Upcoming Course Dates

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Half day

£85 +vat (Group discounts available)

Chelmsford, Essex / Kings Cross, London


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